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Macromedia to announce FreeHand MX, software subscription plan

Macromedia on Monday will announce FreeHand MX, the latest version of its graphics illustration application, along with a new software-by-subscription program, reports c|net. The new version of FreeHand includes new tools that allow artwork to be easily reformatted for different media and a user interface that conforms to other MX products. The software runs on Mac OS X and is available now for US$399 for the full version, $149 for those upgrading from FreeHand 9, and $99 for those upgrading from FreeHand 10. The company’s new subscription service, Macromedia DevNet, will come in two versions. The professional version, $1,499 per year, gives subscribers access to the latest updates to Flash and Dreamweaver, as well as access to developer resource kits. The Essential version of the service, at $299 a year, gives developers who already have the major Macromedia tools access to the resource kits.

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