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Unsanity updates Application Enhancer

Unsanity today released Application Enhancer 1.2.1 (APE), an update to its freeware Mac OS X utility that allows users to enhance or redefine certain behaviors for applications by adding third-party enhancer modules. Version 1.2.1 includes an enhanced APE Manager preference pane, an “Application Enhancer disabled” message when holding down the Shift key at login, an expanded Application Enhancer SDK (available as a separate download for software developers), and fixes two small memory leaks. Several modules are available for APE including: ClearDock, which removes the Dock’s background in Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar); Metallifizer, which can add or remove the brushed metal appearance from Cocoa applications; and iChat Enhancer, which changes the number of input lines in iChat and prevents it from eating Returns.

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