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Jiiva Ships SuperScrubber

Jiiva Ships SuperScrubber
the new disk sanitization product for the Mac!

Beaverton, OR (January 21, 2003) – SuperScrubber ships today! Jiiva
announces the hot new disk sanitization product for the Mac that can save
you from potential identity and intellectual property theft. Heard about
that in the news lately? Most of us know it’s smart to shred paper
documents, but what should you do with a computer that’s filled with
electronic documents? Use SuperScrubber to erase the risk.

SuperScrubber is a disk utility, bargain priced at $29.99, that serves to
completely and permanently erase all data from a specified internal or
external hard drive or partition, leaving no retrievable trace of the old
data. Scrub your hard drive with SuperScrubber so you can give away or sell
your old computer without any worries, knowing that it no longer contains
personal or confidential data.

“It’s amazing how many people just give away or sell their used computers,
thinking that deleting a file or dragging it to the trash can really erased
it. It’s pretty much been a silent epidemic up until now, but the news is
starting to get around,” says Jiiva President Mark Ericksen. Just last
week, an Associate Press article reported on an MIT study where 158 used
hard drives were purchased from secondhand computer stores and on eBay. The
article stated, “Of the 129 drives that functioned, 69 still had
recoverable files on them and 49 contained ‘significant personal
information.'” The MIT Study by Simson Garfinkel and Abhi Shelat reported
in their findings, as their first two recommendations, “Users must be
educated about the proper techniques for sanitizing disk drives” and
“Organizations must adopt policies for properly sanitizing drives on
computer systems and storage media that are sold, destroyed, or repurposed.”

Who needs SuperScrubber? Every person or business that has a computer or
external hard disk with files on it containing data they consider to be
private, confidential, or just not for sharing should use SuperScrubber to
clean their computer prior to giving it away, selling it, or otherwise
releasing it from their control. Why? Because deleting files or dragging
them to the trash doesn’t permanently delete those files. They are still
accessible using computer data recovery tools. Many business computers
contain client contact data, graphics and artwork, accounting records, HR
and payroll files, marketing plans, product research and development
documents, emails, sales figures, medical records, student grades and
progress reports, etc. Personal computers can be filled with private data,
too, including emails, address books, tax returns, budgets, photos, and
order confirmations from online purchases which often contain a credit card
number along with an address and other personal identification. “With so
much information stored on our computers these days, we all have to be
proactive and protect our data at work and at home. You can’t just assume
everyone else out there is a nice guy,” says Jiiva’s president Mark

How does SuperScrubber really erase data? When you delete a file, drag it
to the trash, or reformat your hard drive, the area it was saved on is not
erased, but simply freed up for another layer of data to be written over
it. Even after a new layer of data is written over the area, the old files
are not completely erased. They leave magnetic footprints called “Shadow
Data.” Shadow Data is a phenomenon that leaves layers of information on
your disk that can be recovered using special detective or forensic tools.
This is why if you accidentally delete an important file, you can take your
computer to a data recovery specialist and the information can most likely
be recovered. SuperScrubber understands the phenomenon of Shadow Data and
writes data multiple times over your hard drive or partition to ensure all
previous information can never be recovered, not even by fancy computer
forensic tools. SuperScrubber conforms to the Department of Defense
standard for disk sanitization (DoD 5220.22 M) when selecting the built-in
Military Scrub configuration.

Why worry about permanently erasing data? Identity and Intellectual
Property theft are among the fastest growing crimes in recent history. The
burden of protection is on you, the owner of the information. So how can
you make sure your business information isn’t just given away? Before you
donate your computer to charity, sell it on eBay, give it to the kid down
the block, or return it at the end of a lease, take one easy step to
protect yourself. Use SuperScrubber to truly delete all the information and
files contained on your computer’s hard drive or external drive. It is a
smart and easy proactive way to ensure your personal and business
information is safe. “It’s all about measuring your risks,” says Ericksen,
“and deciding which ones you want to gamble on. The reasons to use
SuperScrubber are pretty obvious after that.”

Priced at $29.99, SuperScrubber is an affordable security measure that you
really can’t afford to ignore. SuperScrubber is available for purchase from For more information, to test drive a demo, or to see
screen shots, please visit

For more information about identity theft, see “Clearing Information from
Your Computer’s Hard Drive,” authored by NASA’s Office of Inspector
General, available online at

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software products for the Mac. Quality design and attention to detail are
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