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Avid unveils Symphony for Mac OS X

Avid Technology today introduced a Mac version of Symphony, its high-end editorial finishing solution designed to finish projects offlined on the Media Composer system. Symphony 4.7 will offer real-time 10-bit DVE, Ultimatte keying and color correction processing on Mac OS X. The company also released new Mac OS X versions of Media Composer, Film Composer, and Avid Xpress systems, which bring real-time color correction, 23.976 fps project support for all Media Composer systems, and MetaSync capability. Avid Symphony 4.7 (priced up to 22% off the regular US$90,000 through March 28, 2003), Media Composer XL 11.7 ($12,000), Film Composer XL 11.7 ($53,000), and Avid Xpress 5.7 ($5,999) systems are expected to be available in Q1 2003.

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