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Heuris Announces Mpeg Power Professional For OS X



New Version of HEURIS’ Flagship High Definition Software Encoding
Product-MPEG Power Professional Now Available for Apple’s OS X(r) Operating

St. Louis, Missouri, January 2, 2003- HEURIS, makers of the most widely
used professional MPEG encoder MPEG Power Professional(tm), announced today
that they are shipping MPEG Power Professional for OS X, a Mac OS X version
of their award winning MPEG encoding software.

MPEG Power Professional for OS X will contain all the features and
functionality of the other products in the MPEG Power Professional 2.5 line
but is compatible exclusively with MAC OS X. New versions of all of the
products in the MPEG Power Professional 2.5 line from the inexpensive
MPEG-1encoding software to the top of the line DTV-HD encoding software
will be available for the new Macintosh operating system.

“Interest in an OS X version of our powerful and fully featured MPEG Power
Professional line has been very high,” said HEURIS President, Brian Quandt.
“We’re proud to be able to offer a leading edge video product for high
definition content creation that is significantly faster in conjunction
with Apple’s fastest and most efficient operating system to date. With all
the new fantastic new features of the MAC OS X operating system combined
with HEURIS’ encoding software it provides an outstanding path from Final
Cut Pro straight to HD.”

“This new MPEG software really showcases the newest advantages of OS X,
including multiprocessor support,” said HEURIS CTO Brian Roy. “HEURIS has
been a great source of Apple products for many years. I’m glad to see that
we are continuing our dedication to technical excellence and the Apple

Pricing and Availability

MPEG Power Professional for OS X is available directly from HEURIS and
through its distributors. During the month of January HEURIS is offering a
significant discount towards the purchase of MPEG Power Professional –


Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, HEURIS has served as a leading
manufacturer of video compression and processing tools and applications for
over a decade. From the Internet, to DVD, to HDTV to Hollywood
Movies–HEURIS has developed an impressive group of award-winning tools for
video production and post production applications.

Perhaps best known for its award-winning MPEG Power Professional Line of
software products, HEURIS has recently released two new products for the
Hollywood Market: a Digital Dailies solution developed in conjunction with
partner Cohen Communications and MPEG Power Professional-D-Cinema, which is
used to encode High Definition pictures for display in movie theaters.

In addition to major motion picture studio MGM, HEURIS proudly includes the
following as its customers: NASA, Walt Disney, Sea World, The Mirage Hotel
in Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Corporation, The
Home Depot, AT & T Labs, IBM, Boeing, Vanderbilt University, Boston Museum
of Science and the U.S. Military. More information about HEURIS Logic is

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