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Fire – Multi-Protocol IM client version 0.32.a

Subject: Product Release: Fire –  Multi-Protocol IM client
version 0.32.a
From: Alan Humpherys <>

The open-source Fire development team proudly announces another
FREE update to its multi-protocol instant messaging client for MacOS
10.1 and above. (Which supports AIM, MSN, Yahoo, IRC, ICQ, and

Version 0.32.a is a huge release with improvements across the board.
The highlights include Oscar support (AIM file send, .mac support,
typing notifications, away message reading, direct IM receive),
upgraded ICQ library, MSN file send and receive, upgraded Yahoo
library and smiley support, Jabber SSL support, updated Help files,
and improved handling of server buddy lists in AIM Oscar, MSN, and

(See the Readme for the full list of over a hundred enhancements)

This release includes English, German, Italian, and Icelandic versions
of the program.

Happy Holidays and enjoy!

The new version is available at:(font color=”#1919FF”)(u)
(font color=”#000000″)
(font color=”#000000″)Please direct any questions
to:(font color=”#1919FF”)(u)
(font color=”#000000″)
(font color=”#000000″)Thanks,
(font color=”#000000″)The Fire development team

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