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Projector-to-CVS Introduced


Projector-to-CVS Introduced

VANCOUVER, Washington – 04 December, 2002 today announced
Projector-to-CVS, a developer tool to transfer files and data from
Projector, a Macintosh-only source code control system, to CVS, which is
available on virtually every computer platform.

Projector-to-CVS transfers all files from Projector to CVS, preserving each
revision’s author, original check-in date, task, and comments.
Projector-to-CVS also mirrors source code branches and file state into CVS.

“While Projector was and still is an outstanding source code control system
for the Macintosh, CVS offers the ability to access source code across
multiple operating systems” said Glenn L. Austin, CEO of
“With the ability to transfer an entire source tree’s history and
revisions, it opens options for Mac OS X developers to use native tools.”

Pricing for Projector-to-CVS is to be determined. Contact
at for more details.

Projector-to-CVS requires Mac OS X 10.2 or later, Apple SourceServer and
Mac OS X Developer tools.

Projector-to-CVS was created using REALbasic.

About designs and develops software for Macintosh, Java, Linux,
and Windows. Based in the Portland, Oregon area, brings
over 25 years of both hardware and software development experience to the
computer industry. (

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