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Intelli Innovations Releases IntelliMerge 3.0 For Mac OS


Major Upgrade Includes Automatic Bounce Detection, Enhanced Recipient
Browser, Dynamic Custom Headers, Official Mac OS X 10.2 “Jaguar” Support

RALEIGH, NC, December 4th, 2002 – Intelli Innovations, Inc. today released
IntelliMerge 3.0, a major upgrade to its desktop business communication
software for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X. Designed specifically to simplify and
automate business e-mail communication needs, IntelliMerge includes a
message editor, customer database system, and e-mail delivery program in a
single, integrated solution.

IntelliMerge 3.0 includes these major new features and enhancements:

– Automatic bounce detection and flagging: IntelliMerge can scan any POP3
mailbox for bounced messages, recording addresses to be flagged in or
removed from the target recipient list. IntelliMerge’s Bounce Checker can
also delete bounced messages after recording their contents, and fully
supports APOP user authentication.

– Enhanced Recipient Browser includes list viewer for IntelliMerge’s
12 custom fields, side-scrollable data results, and resizable columns.

– Insert Hyperlink feature allows users to add clickable links to their
plain text, styled, and HTML messages.

– Dynamic Custom Headers: allows recipient database tags to be inserted
into any custom-created header for tracking purposes.

– New Date Tags: Month, Day, Year, and Day Of Week.

– Official Mac OS X 10.2 “Jaguar” support, including a number of
compatibility fixes, support for attached dialogs (sheets), and overall
faster performance.

– Copy From Styled Text: Converts the styled text editor into editable
HTML code for rapid adjustments to pre-formatted text data.

Technical improvements to IntelliMerge 3.0 include:

– New timeout detection system allows IntelliMerge to make sure messages
are delivered without delay, and flag messages with specific connection
and recipient-oriented errors.

– Redesigned message and preference data retrieval system increases
operation speed by storing data in a hash table.

– Embedded Valentina database engine upgraded to version 1.9.6
(, bringing new error handling functionality to
IntelliMerge 3.0.

IntelliMerge 3.0 requires any Macintosh computer running Mac OS 9 or later,
or Mac OS X 10.1 or later. Mac OS X 10.2 “Jaguar” is officially supported
in this release; customers using earlier versions of IntelliMerge on Mac OS
X 10.2 are encouraged to upgrade for full compatibility.

IntelliMerge 3.0 is available from the Intelli Innovations Company Store
for $79.95 (USD), online at ( Existing owners of
IntelliMerge 2.0 or later can upgrade to IntelliMerge 3.0 for $29.95;
IntelliMerge 1.x customers can upgrade for $54.95. A competitive upgrade
for users of qualified products is available for $64.95. Multi-user and
site licensing options are also available.

Customers who purchased IntelliMerge on or after November 4th, 2002 are
eligible for a complimentary upgrade to the new IntelliMerge 3.0. All
licensed IntelliMerge customers will receive information on the new release

Complete product information and a recipient-limited demo version are
available at the IntelliMerge home page, (

About Intelli Innovations: Intelli Innovations, Inc. is a Mac-based
software development group based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.
Specializing in business tools, media deployment solutions and
database/communications software, Intelli Innovations also maintains a
commercial product line of specialized industry solutions for Windows and
Macintosh computer systems.

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