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Blue World Announces Beta of Lasso Studio 6 For Adobe GoLive 6

December 3, 2002


Significant enhancements provide complete solution for quickly building
data-driven Web sites within an easy to use graphical environment.

Bellevue, WA–December 3, 2002–Blue World Communications, Inc.–pioneers
of the Web Data Engine(tm)–today announced the immediate availability of
the first beta release of Lasso Studio 6 for Adobe GoLive 6 on Mac OS X and
Windows 2000/XP.

“Lasso Studio allows non-programmers to quickly build data-driven Web sites
using an intuitive set of tools and wizards,” said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of
Blue World. “The enhanced productivity offered by Lasso Studio allows Web
designers to save time and money so they may focus less on technical
challenges and more on creative and business advancements.”

About Lasso Studio 6

Lasso Studio 6 is the successor to Lasso Studio 1.x. Lasso Studio
transforms leading Web site editors into robust environments for building
Lasso-based data-driven Web sites. Designed for entry-level Web designers
to intermediate Web developers, Lasso Studio provides wizards and tools
which dramatically ease the process of building data-driven Web sites.

New Features

Lasso Studio 6 includes the following new and enhanced features:

Live Data Preview – Ability to display and navigate through data from your
databases while precisely editing how it will appear in your Web pages.
Eases the process of visualizing how dynamically generated Web data will

Snapshot Editor – Allows editing of stored snapshot files which contain
database schema information and queries for sample record sets.

Show/Hide Database Schema – Ability to selectively show/hide database
schema information (e.g. databases, tables, fields). Allows Web designers
to more easily focus on data relevant for specific projects.

Redesigned Interface – All aspects of Lasso Studio have been redesigned and
rearchitected to provide enhanced usability and accessibility while
streamlining the overall workflow.

Enhanced Performance – Lasso Studio was completely rewritten to provide
enhanced performance while minimizing RAM overhead requirements.

Inline Methodology – Full support for inline methodology throughout Lasso
Studio including within the Site Builder, Form Builder, Tag Editor and
Inline Tag Inspector.

Lasso Studio Palette – Floating palette with easy access to the Database
Selector, Data Preview and Preferences palettes.

Customizable Objects Display – Ability to display LDML code as graphic
icons or as text objects with tag name or full tag expressions options.

Authoring Platform Support – Support for Adobe GoLive 6 and Macromedia
Dreamweaver MX (scheduled for future release) on Mac OS X and Windows

Lasso Professional 6 Server Environment – A feature-complete single-user
version of Lasso Professional 6 is included complete with all provided

Setup and Server Connectivity – The process for installing and setting up
Lasso Studio and connecting to a Lasso server environment has been
dramatically streamlined and simplified.

Parameter Editor – New Parameter Editor and Tag Selector ease the process
of editing complex expressions.

LDML 6 and Objects – Over 10 new objects provide complete support for LDML
6, the language for the Lasso 6 product line. Dedicated tag inspectors ease
the process of selecting appropriate tag parameters with accurate syntax.

Syntax – Support for standard syntax, LassoScript, custom tags and expressions.

LDML Updater – Supports updating LDML 3 and LDML 5 based sites to LDML 6
with appropriate syntax.

Documentation – The documentation has been completely rewritten to follow a
task-oriented approach and new style guidelines.

Pricing and Availability

Lasso Studio 6 for Adobe GoLive 6 is scheduled for final release by the end
of 2002. The beta version is currently available to qualified parties by
contacting Lasso Studio 6 for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX
is scheduled to be available in early 2003. New and upgrade pricing for
Lasso Studio 6 will be announced when the product is available. Until such
time as Lasso Studio version 6 is available, version 1.x is available from
Blue World and authorized resellers at $100 off the regular price.

About Blue World

Blue World Communications ( delivers cross-platform
software tools allowing Web developers and designers to quickly build and
serve powerful data-driven Web sites. Blue World provides Lasso
Professional, Lasso Studio and in fulfillment of its mission
to bring business to the Internet(tm).

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