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Keyspan Expands USB 2.0 Connections

Keyspan Expands USB 2.0 Connections

Richmond, CA— December 2, 2002 — Keyspan, America’s #1 USB
connectivity products vendor*, is now shipping its Hi-Speed USB 2.0
4-port Hub. Available in multiple colors at an MSRP of $59, these hubs
are now in stock at leading computer product retailers.

Each Keyspan USB 2.0 Hub includes a USB 2.0 device cable and power
adapter. The hubs are compatible with both USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices
and can be used with PCs and Macintosh computers that have USB 2.0 or
USB 1.1 ports.** These hubs have received the industry’s “Certified
Hi-Speed” logo that assures the hub complies with USB standards.

“The range of USB 2.0 devices is rapidly growing,” noted Mike Ridenhour,
president of Keyspan. “With so many USB 2.0 hard drives, scanners,
CD/RW’s and other peripherals on the market, more users need to add USB
2.0 ports. Our hub provides a simple way to expand USB 2.0 connectivity
on their PC.”

In addition to the new USB 2.0 Hubs, Keyspan offers a family of PCI and
CardBus cards that allow users to upgrade their PC or Mac to USB 2.0.
Keyspan also offers a PCI card that provides both USB 2.0 and FireWire
(1394) ports.

* Keyspan is rated the #1 USB Connectivity vendor in the United States
as ranked by NPD Intellect (formerly PC Data) for the year 2000 and
again in 2001.

** Note that until Apple offers system support for USB 2.0, data rates
for Macintosh users will be at the USB 1.1 specification.

About Keyspan Keyspan products provide “Connections for Your Computer.”
The company’s first products provided serial ports for connecting to
traditional computer peripherals such as modems, printers and graphics
tablets. Over time, Keyspan has expanded its horizons, connecting the PC
and Macintosh to other items found in the home, school and office.

Editors can reach Keyspan at 510-222-0131 or via e-mail at The Keyspan website is located at

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