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Intelli Innovations Releases Intellimerge Sql 1.0 For Mac Os X


New Database-Enabled Business Communication Software Allows Organizations
To Take Advantage Of Customer Databases, Manage Contacts And Increase
Business Through Customized E-Mail Campaigns

Raleigh, NC — Intelli Innovations, Inc. has released IntelliMerge SQL, its
new specialized database software for electronic business messaging. Using
any standard MySQL or OpenBase server as a data source, IntelliMerge SQL
can create, preview, deploy, and report on dynamically created e-mail
campaigns in a single, integrated software solution.

“The IntelliMerge SQL software builds on the tremendous amount of feedback
we’ve received from our IntelliMerge desktop mailing software,” said Paul
Scandariato, CTO of Intelli Innovations. “We’re very pleased to deliver a
solid, database-enabled product that delivers powerful functionality with
the ease of use that our customers expect.”

“IntelliMerge SQL allows us to take advantage of our existing customer and
subscriber databases to send customized e-mail messages to large groups of
people,” said Mike Juarez, President of Arctic Software, an IntelliMerge
SQL testing site. “This system allows us to keep in touch with customers
quickly, easily, and efficiently, letting us get back to work writing

IntelliMerge SQL 1.0 features:

– Integrated campaign/message editor with plain text, styled text, html,
and text/html combination messaging. Using the editor, users can build
messages that are customized to each target recipient using any field
available in their selected data source.

– Instant Preview feature allows users to see the text, html, and source of
a message before mailing, using original data from their database.

– Built-in MySQL and OpenBase database support (no additional drivers or
libraries required). IntelliMerge SQL works directly with the database
server on a record-by-record basis to offer live previews, quickly
generated messages, and instant recipient status updates.

– Query filtering using IntelliMerge SQL’s visual Query Builder, or
optionally enter custom SQL commands for advanced record selection,
multiple table joins, on-the-fly field modification, and other special

– Support for file attachments, embedded multimedia files, and dynamically
generated message headers.

– IntelliMergeStatus recipient information field, automatically reported
back to the original data source to indicate recipient mailing status,
address validity, bounce notification, and/or specific campaign

– Integrated SMTP and direct mailing system with multiple connection
support, connection backup capabilities, record-based error reporting,
cancellation recovery, SMTP Authentication support, and automatic
timeouts. IntelliMerge SQL can easily handle single campaigns from 10 to
1 million recipients, and more.

– Mac OS X-based mailing support via sendmail or qmail (UNIX-based mail
transfer agents, sendmail is pre-installed with OS X), including script
creation, automated message queuing, interactive Terminal-based
configuration commands, and setup instructions for web-based queue
monitoring. IntelliMerge SQL can create “portable mailers” that can be
used to execute pre-merged campaigns on any UNIX-based platform.

– MBOX and message file campaign generation: ready for delivery with custom
mail transfer agents for those who need that capability.

– Bounce Checker: scans any POP3 mailbox for bounced messages, recording
addresses to be flagged in or removed from the target data source.
IntelliMerge SQL’s Bounce Checker can also delete bounced messages after
recording their contents, and fully supports APOP user authentication.

– Included SQL Tools: Data Importer (imports tab-delimited text files into
any data source), MySQL Admin (create and optimize databases and tables
on MySQL-based data sources), and SQL Console (custom SQL command entry
and result browser, drag-and-drop export to Excel or AppleWorks).

– Included MySQL/PHP integration examples for automatic, web-based handling
of subscription requests.

IntelliMerge SQL is available directly from the Intelli Innovations Company
Store in four editions, starting at $349.00 (USD) for the Personal Edition.
The limitless Enterprise Edition is $2599.00 (USD). Support and product
maintenance contracts are also available. Full licensing details, along
with downloadable demonstration versions for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X, are
available at (

Intelli Innovations also offers IntelliMerge 2.2 for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X,
the latest version of its stand-alone desktop e-mail software for business
communication. (

IntelliMerge SQL is developed with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

Intelli Innovations, Inc. is a full-service Macintosh software consulting
firm based in Raleigh, NC, specializing in Internet, data management, and
business solutions. Founded in 1998 by current CTO Paul Scandariato, the
company also maintains a commercial product line of Macintosh business and
communication solutions. Web: (, e-mail:

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