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Singlestep: Free LDAPBrowser built on VNOS

Singlestep Technologies Releases Free LDAPBrowser for
Mac OS 10.2 and Windows 2000/XP

The LDAPBrowser converts the ldapsearch utility into an extendable,
visual VNOS application.

Seattle, Washington Nov 12, 2002 =96 Singlestep Technologies today announced
the release of the LDAPBrowser built with VNOS, the Visual Network
Operating System. LDAP, or Light Directory Access Protocol, is a software
protocol for enabling anyone to locate organizations, individuals, and
other resources such as files and devices in a network.

The LDAPBrowser runs the ldapsearch command and parses the results into a
view-only Browse Tree. It is a simple application that connects VNOS
objects in a powerful user interface to handle the input and output options
of command line functions. This provides easier access to information in
directories and enables automation.

“The LDAPBrowser converts the commonly used ldapsearch utility into a
visual, extendable VNOS application. Administrators can use it as a
stand-alone tool for visualizing directory tree information or quickly
extend its functions to manage directory data between other services,=94 say=
Ophir Ronen, chief technology officer of Singlestep Technologies.

The LDAPBrowser is released with browse-only functionality. However,
because the LDAPBrowser is built with VNOS, creating policies and extending
the application is as simple as Cloning and Aliasing VNOS objects. Users
can extended, modify, add and delete functionality, apply policies and
manage events to customize the application to meet their specific needs.

=93The LDAPBrowser=92s visual code is commented,=94 says Christian Eyerman,
co-founder of Singlestep Technologies. =93We built this application in an
exposed and annotated way so users who are new to VNOS can more quickly
learn the principles of VNOS.=94

VNOS is an integration and object-oriented programming platform with more
than 35 widgets and tools for building, extending and modifying
applications. The LDAPBrowser uses 14 widgets including Command Tool, PopUp
Menu, Regex and Value Filters to run the ldapsearch commands, filter and
parse results, and manage the security protocols. Users can Alias, Clone
and Connect other widgets and tools to customize the application.

The LDAPBrowser is being distributed as a free application and is available
at http:// upon
completion of a short LDAP survey. A 30-Day free trial of VNOS is also
available for download. The LDAP Browser runs on Mac OS 10.2 (Jaguar) and
Windows 2000/XP. VNOS 1.1 is required to run the LDAPBrowser on either

About Singlestep Technologies and VNOS

Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is a leading developer of enterprise
software for networking and information management. Powered by their
patented technology platform, VNOS (Visual Network Operating System),
products allow IT and Networking professionals to easily integrate their
knowledge and experience with the information generated by their existing
network devices and management systems. Applications bring this critical
information into one, intelligent, user-defined interface. Singlestep
Technologies, Corp. is based in Seattle, WA. For more information on
Singlestep Technologies, VNOS and the VNOS Developer Network, please visit

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