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New Palm Tungsten handhelds offer built-in keyboard and more

Palm today introduced the new Tungsten line of handheld PDAs. The Palm Tungsten W handheld offers integrated GSM/GPRS wireless capability, a built-in keyboard, one-handed navigation, and a crisp, high-resolution color screen. The Palm Tungsten T (seen at right), is the company’s most compact handheld to date and features one-handed, 5-way navigation and an integrated Bluetooth solution for wireless connectivity. In addition, the Tungsten T ships with the new Palm OS 5. The estimated street price for the Palm Tungsten W is US$549 without wireless service, while the Palm Tungsten T handheld is $499. Both products are available immediately. In addition, Palm announced a new ultra-slim keyboard and cases for the new Tungsten series, while other companies have signed on to deliver software and accessories to fit the new models.

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