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OSXFAQ proudly presents:

Mac OS X “Jaguar” – Tools, Techniques And Migration For The UNIX Savvy

San Francisco, CA. — OSXFAQ has announced that they will sponsor and
promote a special nationwide tour of a Mac OS X training seminar featuring
John Martellaro. His Mac OS X “Jaguar” – Tools, Techniques And Migration
For The UNIX Savvy Scientist seminar is designed from the ground up to
appeal to any Mac user who wants to master Mac OS X quickly and easily.

Who should attend:

Any scientist, engineer, analyst, or computer professional who has begun to
embrace Mac OS X and wants to understand how to not only effectively
operate Mac OS X as the most sophisticated UNIX workstation ever delivered,
but also wants to understand how to migrate and exploit legacy science and
engineering applications. Basic familiarity with UNIX, Macintoshes, Mac OS
X, its Finder, and the Dock is assumed.

You’ll learn…

Attendees will learn how Apple’s BSD system relates to other popular UNIX
variants, how to manage and exploit Mac OS X features, including Finder &
Terminal integration, how to configure their Mac OS X system so that it
interoperates with other operating systems in their environment, and how to
access and install important science-oriented tools and applications, such
as X-Windows servers.

Why John Martellaro?

John Martellaro, OSXFAQ Senior Editor for Science and Technology is a
former SciTech Senior Marketing Manager at Apple Computer, Inc. At Apple,
he worked closely with scientists, understanding their computing needs, and
provided instruction on Mac OS X and UNIX for Apple employees and
resellers. John has an M.S. in Physics from the University of West Florida.

As a former physicist and software engineer for Lockheed Martin, White
Sands Missile Range, and NASA Houston, John has acquired 20 years of
teaching and public speaking experience – including presentations at the
Macworld Expos for the last three years.

Our no BS money-back guarantee

If you don’t feel this seminar is worth every penny you paid, just inform
us anytime prior to the morning break on the first day and we’ll cheerfully
refund your money.

Training Customized Exclusively for Your Organization

John Martellaro’s Mac OS X “Jaguar” – Tools, Techniques And Migration For
The UNIX Savvy Scientist Seminar is also available to companies, user
groups, schools, and other organizations. It’s a cost-effective solution to
the Mac OS X training dilemma, and content for custom seminars can easily
be modified to suit your organization’s training needs.

When & where:

Boston, Massachusetts, November 18-19
Washington, D.C, November 21-22
San Diego, California, December 9-10
San Francisco, California, December 12-13

Additional cities nationwide to be announced shortly.

Seating is limited – make your reservation today!

To register go to:

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