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MacRadio proudly announces The Mac Night Owl LIVE with Gene


MacRadio proudly announces The Mac Night Owl LIVE with Gene Steinberg

DALLAS, Texas–October 11, 2002–Mac Radio announced today the launch
of a brand new radio program featuring the enlightened and well
versed voice of the Mac Night Owl, himself, Gene Steinberg. The Mac
Night Owl LIVE can be heard every Friday starting at 9pm Eastern,
6pm Pacific on October 11, 2002.

An award winning technology journalist, Gene has written over 30
books, both non-fiction and science fiction. A long-time Mac user,
his daily commentaries appear on his popular Web site, The Mac Night
Owl (, at the Gannett News Service (link
included below,) and for Gene has made it his mission
to keep Mac users informed about the reality of the Mac world, which
is what he will bring to radio listeners every week starting this

“I am extremely excited about the possibilities of The Mac Night Owl
LIVE. The show will bring cutting-edge commentaries, interviews and
plenty of surprises,” said Mr. Steinberg. “We want to take Mac radio
to places it’s never gone before.”

On the first show, get to know Gene, and discover his unique,
thought-provoking viewpoints about the technology universe, with the
emphasis on Macs. The guest list includes Apple Computer’s Chris
Bourdon, who will deliver the latest and greatest news about Jaguar,
the newest version of Mac OS X. When it comes to The Mac Night Owl,
expect the unexpected.

During the month of October 2002, MacRadio will be announcing a full
schedule of talk radio content bringing Mac entertainment to users
five nights a week. MacRadio’s website makes finding and listening
to a radio program as easy as loading a page, and listening to
archives as easy as a click, or a download to a favorite portable
MP3 device. Listeners can plan their listening habits by an easy to
view schedule of each night from the MacRadio home page. MacRadio is
committed to bringing the best Mac entertainment to its community
from the best voices and minds around.

SHOW NAME: The Mac Night Owl LIVE
SHOW DAY: Every Friday
SHOW TIME: 9-11pm Eastern, 8-10pm Central, 7-9pm Mountain, 6-8pm Pacific
START DATE: October 11, 2002


Requirement: QuickTime 6 required

Press Contacts:
Robert Aldridge Owner
(972) 517-7219 (office)
(214) 734-3062 (mobile)

Gene Steinberg
“The Mac Night Owl LIVE” Show Host
(480) 661-8008

Gannet News Service: Mac Reality Check

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