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Dr. Bott LLC announces Distribution agreement with El Gato

Wilsonville, OR – October 9, 2002

Dr. Bott announces distribution agreement with El Gato Software for EyeTV.

Dr. Bott announces distribution agreement with El Gato Software for EyeTV.

Eye TV is a Digital Video Recorder that connects to your Mac via the
USB port. In addition to converting your Mac into a TV, it offers
intuitive recording and management of television programs.

“We are thrilled to have Dr. Bott distributing EyeTV.” Said Victor
Nemechek, Director of Marketing for El Gato Software, “As a small
Mac-only manufacturer, getting products into the channel is
difficult. We are excited to have Dr. Bott helping us get EyeTV to
Apple resellers and into the hands of customers quickly and

“EyeTV is one of the few products that has changed the way I do
something outside of the computer world. I almost never used to watch
TV, and when I did, there was nothing on.” Said Eric Prentice, CEO of
Dr. Bott LLC, “Now EyeTV records the few shows that I’m interested in
and I watch them whenever I have spare time, never wasting a minute
on commercials or shows I don’t want to watch.”

Eye TV Digital Video Recorder frees you from TV schedules. Find and
track all the programming you want to see, and watch it whenever you
want to. Pause live television. Skip commercials. Record your
favorite shows permanently using your CD burner. EyeTV will change
the way you watch television.

EyeTV will work on any Mac with a built-in USB port running Mac OS X
10.1.5 or later. EyeTV requires a minimum of 20 MB of hard drive
space for the application and approximately 650 MB of hard drive
space for each hour of recorded video (at EyeTV’s standard-quality

Pricing & Availability:
EyeTV retails for $199 and is currently available through Dr. Bott
authorized resellers in North America.

About Dr. Bott:
Dr. Bott LLC of Wilsonville, Oregon is a manufacturer and distributor
of Macintosh peripherals dedicated to serving resellers, VARs, and
consultants with third party Macintosh products that solve real
problems for real people.

About El Gato Software:
El Gato Software LLC ( is an energetic, cutting edge,
Macintosh-only software development company. El Gato has earned a
reputation as a premier software development organization by creating
award-winning products such as EyeTV digital video recorder and Toast
CD and DVD recording software.

Reseller inquiries are always welcome. Dr. Bott LLC can be reached at
(503) 582-9944 or by fax at (503) 682-6767.
For further information check the Dr. Bott web site at (

Press Contact:
Dr. Bott LLC
Eric Prentice, CEO

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