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PdfCompress 2.0 for Mac OS X

Berlin, Germany – October 8th, 2002

PdfCompress version 2.0 add CCITT Group 4 (Fax) compression

metaobject today released version 2.0 of its popular PDF compression
tool for Mac OS X. Apart from the usual performance improvements and
bug fixes, version 2.0 now adds a second compression methods. In
addition to photographic images, which are still compressed using the
JPEG method, PdfCompress now also compresses bi-level images using
the lossless CCITT Group 4 compression method used in Fax

In addition, we’ve also improved demo mode to be less confusing.
What hasn’t changed is PdfCompress’s high performance and ease of
use: just drag a PDF file onto its icon and it is compressed almost

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About metaobject

Located in view of Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, metaobject creates
publishing software solutions and technologies that help you perform
like a champion. The PressObjects toolbox, which includes Postscript
and PDF interpreters as well as a wide variety of user-extensible
processing tools, is the basis for tools such as PdfCompress or the
TextLightning PDF to RTF text extractor. The MetaAd(tm) content
adaptation system captures and models design IDeAs for effective
brand- and design-management over intra- and extranets.

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