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iccToolBox Pro 1.0.5

iccTools Announces iccToolBox Pro 1.0.5

iccToolBox is a suite of tools that assist the printing and graphics
arts professional in creating, modifying, evaluating and managing
ICC/ICM profiles for a variety of graphic arts applications and

Standard Features:
**** All New Graphical Profile Editor ****
2D and 3D graphs, including distribution, gamut, gray-balance/UCR and
GCR, Channel analysis
Profile Tag editing
Grayscale, NCP, Rich Gray and Device Link profile creation
Integrated Profile Calc ( was LabCalc )
Direct DTP 41, DTP 22 and 500 Series Support.

New Features:
* Profile Editor, allows edits to profiles with Lab connection space.
Apply Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Hue Shift, Curve and Media
White point using a reference image and 3D Gamut plot to verify

* Opacity control to 3D gamut view, allowing profiles to become
translucent revealing true limitations of layered gamuts. Set as a
percentage from 0-100.

* Added ability to hide or show any profile in any 3D view

* Added a grid surrounding all 3D graphs

* Added support for the X-Rite DTP 22 ( Digital Swatchbook )

* Added support for the X-Rite 500 Series Spectrophotometers

* Added Plugin interface for DTP 41 Plugin Builder

System Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.1.5+
Quesa (included in standard install) and freely available from

iccToolBox pro is $650cdn and there is a 15% discount for any current
iccTools customers ( must provide valid serial number ).

Download From (
Contact Chris Halford –

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