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Redstone Launches Industry’s First Test Automation Product

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Redstone Software Launches Industry’s First Test Automation Product for Mac

Eggplant for Mac OS X Gets Rave Reviews from Beta testers

LAFAYETTE, CO., September XX, 2002 – Redstone Software, Inc., the leader in
easy-to-use, cross-platform test automation tools, today announced the
immediate availability of Eggplant, the first test automation product for
Mac OS X.

Eggplant for Mac OS X is a test automation tool that allows automation of
almost any manual test. Eggplant tests the end user experience, much as a
manual tester would. The interactive scripting development capability
allows even an unsophisticated user to start using Eggplant within hours.
Eggplant’s capabilities are also powerful enough to support the most
complex environments and experienced users. Eggplant’s strengths are its
ease of use and learning, its versatility, and its cost-effectiveness.

“We have been entirely focused on delivering a product that is both easy to
use and also powerful enough to automate testing,” said John McIntosh, CEO
and president, Redstone Software, Inc. “I’m proud to be part of bringing
this innovative product to the market.”

“Mac OS X’s open, UNIX-based architecture continues to attract new
developers and great applications to the Mac platform,” said Ron Okamoto,
Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “Eggplant provides
unique test automation capabilities that are exciting for the Mac OS X
developer community.”

“Redstone has been very responsive in addressing our test automation
requirements,” said Jamie Mackey, Quark Inc. “I am very confident that
Eggplant will keep pace with our changing needs.”

“The Eggplant test automation tool has the potential to revolutionize
software testing in the Mac market,” said Kevin Gallagher, VP Research &
Analyst Services. “An easy-to-use, reliable software testing product is
overdue in this market space.”

“Eggplant is so simple; it’s phenomenal,” said Ray Bell, Technology
Director, Software Testing Solutions, LLC.

“I found Eggplant easy to install and am grateful to do away with the
typical 30 page installation guide,” said a large Mac OS X software
publisher. “It’s easy and fun to use and very intuitive. I am thrilled to
be working with Eggplant.”

While Eggplant runs on Mac OS X, it uses a TCP/IP connection so that
development and testing operations can also occur in Mac OS 9, Windows,
Unix, Linux and other environments.

About Redstone Software, Inc.
Redstone Software, Inc., the leader in providing easy-to-use cross platform
test automation tools, was created in April 2002 to addresses the market
need for an easy-to-use, cross-platform automation tool.

Redstone was founded upon the belief that commercial test automation tools
are too complicated and have too many system dependencies to satisfactorily
address users’ needs. Furthermore, many computing environments which could
benefit from automation technologies-including Macintosh and Linux-have
been ignored by competitive tool developers.

Redstone’s vision is to serve these unique markets with technology
solutions. For more information, contact the company at (800) 891-3486 or
visit Redstone’s web site at

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