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ActiveDeveloper v2.10 — Released for MacOS X 10.x

ActiveDeveloper v2.10 — Released for MacOS X 10.x

September 2002 — Vestbjerg, Denmark — Today InterACTIVE-Technology
released ActiveDeveloper v2.10 – our Runtime Objective-C & C IDE, JIT
compiler and Debugger with support for Cocoa and WebObjects.

The ActiveDeveloper IDE cuts your API learning curve and allows incremental
Development of any Project. With ActiveDeveloper you get a Runtime Object
IDE allowing you to build NATIVE apps and servers directly at Runtime while
they run.

Thereby bringing you a whole lot closer to the Objects you work with …

ActiveDeveloper – “Grow” your Apps – through incremental JIT Compilation

– Develop, Test, Debug and Play – at runtime
– Edit-compile-play cycles in 1-2 seconds
– Deploy NATIVE Apps – with NO ActiveDeveloper dependency

Get InterACTIVE Today — ActiveDeveloper is available for Cocoa and
WebObjects on
– MacOS X 10.x, Windows 2K/NT/9x and OpenStep.

ActiveDeveloper – Pricing:

Commercial Single platform (Thin) multi user license – only $ 99
Personal Single platform (Thin) single user licenses – only $ 49
Educational Single platform (Thin) 5-pack user licenses – only $249

Download ActiveDeveloper from

Screenshots of ActiveDeveloper:

Get InterACTIVE with NATIVE Cocoa and WebObject.
— Today —

For further information, please contact:


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