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Cognito Ships MoneyWorks 3.1 OS X


Cognito Ships MoneyWorks 3.1 OS X

Cognito Ltd has shipped its premier accounting software MoneyWorks 3.1 OS X

Pelham, Massachusetts. — 1 September 2002 — CognitoUSA has announced
today that it is shipping its accounting software package MoneyWorks in an
upgraded OS X release.

As well as being fully “carbonised” to run on OS X, there are added
features in this upgrade, including the ability for OS X users to email
customised forms (invoices, statements etc) as pdf attachments.MoneyWorks
OS X files are backwards compatible with MoneyWorks 3.0.3 files as well as
being cross platform compatible with MS Windows.

MoneyWorks is a fully integrated accounting system featuring Cashbook,
General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Custom
Reporting, Custom Forms generation, Sales and Purchase analysis, and Job
Costing—all in a single easy-to-use package.

MoneyWorks has a friendly, intuitive user-interface, with simple and clear
entry screens, and on-screen lists which give fast, easy access to
information. Information can be sorted with a click of the mouse, and
easily searched.

MoneyWorks also boasts far greater power and flexibility than any other
accounting system in its class.It is available in both Macintosh and
Windows versions.

CashWorks is a superbly simple and easy-to-use cashbook and general ledger
program. CashWorks 3.0 also includes a customer & supplier database and
product lookup-based sales & purchases.

Cognito Ltd. is a leading New Zealand vendor of accounting software with
headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. In 2001 it released a localized
North American version, and began its entry into the USA accounting market.
In a show of its commitment to North America it created CognitoUSA, its
North American subsitarary in Pelham, Massachusetts. For more information
contact them at, or at

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