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NavDialog Plugin for REALbasic

Yes, another update to NavDialog Plugin for REALbasic.

NavDialog plugin provides full featured Navigation Services for Mac OS. The
plugin comes with several classes each with specialized features. NavDialog
is meant as an alternative and enhancement to REALbasic’s implementation(s)
of these services.

A variety of new methods are provided with the NavCustomization class:


To allow the arrangement of files and folders,


to unmount a volume.


allows for direct manipulation and behavior of the Navigation Dialog.

** renamed the “Terminate” event to “Close”

** modified and implemented the “AdjustRect” event to pass a dialogItem
and a rect to allow moving a control in the custom area.

** updated the sample project by providing additional code with respect
to some of the novel methods. Above methods gives the client
sufficient tools to actually provide customized behavior. In no way
the RB-code is fully fool-proof, while much, if everything, has been
double checked in plugin code.

Summary of sample project that does this customization: A DITL and DLOG
resource are required to provide a ListBox and 4 buttons in the custom area
of the navigation dialog. The listbox can be populated, it’s items can be
selected or opened as nav_items, you can prevent an item to be chosen
mutiple times. For more details, please inspect the plugin and sample
project, and if you do, you also are advised to download the updated
ResourceEdit plugin, because custom-coding in the events of
NavCustomization, require the classes that come with ResourceEdit Plugin

Alfred N. Van Hoek, Ph.D. (

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