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QuickDNS for Mac OS X

QuickDNS for Mac OS X

We are pleased to announce that QuickDNS 4.0 has been released for Mac OS
X. This is a major upgrade for users of QuickDNS 3.x, including a number of
compelling, new and improved features.

QuickDNS 4.0 Offers:
– Automatic updates of PTR records
– Full logging / Zone change history
– Unlimited Undo/Redo
– Better integration of multi-server networks
– Increased security; all network traffic is now implemented
with secure protocols
– Support for four new record types (AAAA, RP, AFSDB, WKS)
– Support for BIND 9

QuickDNS 4.0 is now also available for BIND 8 and BIND 9 on Solaris, Linux,
FreeBSD and HP UX and for the Windows 2000 DNS server. The client software,
available for Mac OS and Windows can be used to simultaneously manage
QuickDNS on various platforms.

QuickDNS 4.0 is also available in a multi-user version which makes it
possible to control what access users have to open/update zones.

Men & Mice DNS newsletter – “also-notify”

Men & Mice have released “also-notify”, an occasional newsletter on the
Domain Name System and its BIND implementation. It features short,
technical articles for hostmasters and name server administrators.

If you would like to subscribe, send mail to:

Men & Mice DNS Directory

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