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eZedia Plug-in Bundle for iMovie Announced at Apple Expo Paris

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eZedia Plug-in Bundle for iMovie Announced at Apple Expo

PARIS, FRANCE – September 10, 2002 – eZedia Inc., a leader in
digital media software technology, today announced eZedia Plug-in
Bundle for Apple’s iMovie 2, the world’s most popular, easy-to-use
consumer digital video editing software. The bundle includes eZeMatte,
eZeScreen and eZeClip which allow iMovie users to add images, borders,
frames, themes, logos, movies, blue-screen and picture-in-picture
effects to iMovie clips.

"The eZedia Plug-in Bundle for iMovie gives iMovie users special
effects and functionality that was previously only available in
professional level products," said Stefan Embleton, President and
Chief Executive Officer of eZedia Inc. "The interest and
excitement generated by eZeMatte, eZeScreen and eZeClip has been
tremendous. The bundle offers all of these plug-ins at one great

eZeMatte allows users to overlay an image over an iMovie clip – add
borders, frames, themes, logos or any customized graphic. Similar to
blue screen and green screen effects in Hollywood movies, eZeScreen
allows users to position an additional movie over an iMoive clip and
adjust the transparency and fade levels of any selected color – add
animated logos, talking heads, or any QuickTime supported movie.
eZeClip allows users to add an additional movie over an iMovie clip to
create picture-in-picture or split screen effects. The overlayed movie
can be resized and looped, have borders added and drop shadows

eZedia Plug-in Bundle for iMovie ($69 USD) requires Mac OS X and
iMovie 2.1.1 or greater, and can be purchased by visiting the eZedia
web site at (a href=””)
or the eZedia booth #D86 in the International Pavilion at Apple Expo

About eZedia Inc.
Founded in 1994 by Stefan Embleton, eZedia Inc. has grown to a leader
in digital media software technology. The company derives its name
from the phrase "easy media" which underscores its corporate
focus on the delivery of easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital media
authoring and development products. The management team includes
industry veterans from Electronic Arts, Rolls Royce, Bristol
Aerospace, Boeing and the music publishing division of Oxford
University Press.

eZedia’s growing family of products currently includes (a
href=””)eZediaMX 3.0(/a), (a
href=””)eZediaQTI 1.0(/a), (a
)(/span)eZeMatte 1.0 for iMovie(/a), (a
)(/span)eZeScreen 1.0 for iMovie(/a), (a
)(/span)eZeClip 1.0 for iMovie(/a) and the eZedia Plug-in Bundle for
iMovie. More information about eZedia Inc. is available on the
Company’s web site at (a

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