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REALmac Software releases AudioX 2.0

REALmac Software releases AudioX 2.0

2nd September 2002 — REALmac software is proud to introduce “AudioX 2.0”
for Mac OS X

AudioX was written for people who want an easy way to record sound from any
input source under Mac OS X. ie. built-in microphone, USB microphone or
even a firewire video camera.

AudioX is great for:
– Recording sounds.
– Recording vinyl records.
– Recording tapes.
– Recording interviews.
– Recording radio shows.

Feature highlights
– Record sound from any input source.
– Many sound compression settings.
– Gain control.
– Manage and add notes to your sounds.

User Feedback
“I thought you might like to know that I downloaded AudioX the day it came
out, and within a day or so I used it to record an eight minute talk that I
converted to the mp3 format with iTunes, and posted on It’s a
wonderful little utility you folks have created.”
Erik Marcus,

“This is the best recording app that I’ve found for OS X. no bugs yet and
the quality is super good. my hat goes off to the maker”
User comment from VersionTracker

“A little beauty. Added to my list of must have OS X apps”
User comment from VersionTracker

You can download AudioX from the link below:

Click the link below to see AudioX in action.
Note: You may use this screenshot in magazines and websites.

This version of AudioX has a price of $15 USD (shareware registration fee).
You can purchase your copy online now from:

Contact information
Daniel Counsell
World Wide Web (

About REALmac Software
REALmac Software is a creative software company based in Brighton, England,
concentrating on creating quality software for the Macintosh.

REALmac Software distributes its products under the shareware principles:
try before you buy and minimal or no marketing costs. As a result our
software costs a fraction of the price of most other commercial software.

REALmac Software was founded in 1999 by Daniel Counsell.
You can contact him at

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