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Free TiVeRon: Formac Introduces Digital Video Recording Solution


Formac introduces digital video recording solution for Apple Macintosh

Free TiVeRon software for OSX allows studio dv/tv users to schedule and
record TV in high-quality DV.

BERKELEY, CA – August 27th, 2002 – Formac Electronic Inc., the leading
manufacturer of performance enhancing peripherals and advanced
visualization solutions, today announced Formac TiVeRon, a digital video
recording software, for its award-winning studio dv/tv media converter.
Formac’s new TiVeRon software, a native Cocoa development, further enhances
the TV capabilities of studio dv/tv. In addition to watching television,
users can schedule and record TV shows ahead of time, and from remote
locations via the internet or network. Designed for the creative
professional, video is captured in high-quality DV format, making it
available for instant and frame-accurate editing. The software is
compatible with Apple’s OS 10.2 and is shipped immediately with all studio
dv/tv. It is available as a free software upgrade for existing studio dv/tv

“Apple’s OS X is the ideal platform to develop innovative desktop movie
solutions like studio dv/tv.”, said Oliver Bergmann, Ph.D., Chief Executive
Officer and President of Formac Inc. “The TiVeRon software was the next
logical step for Formac, realizing more of the tremendous capabilities of
the studio dv/tv. Formac’s award-winning video capturing technology
combined with the built-in TV Tuner makes it the first high-quality digital
video recording solution for the Apple Macintosh. We are very happy to
provide these great new features for free to our existing customer base.”

Unlike competitive TV recording solutions, Formac’s studio dv/tv uses an
ultra-fast hardware CODEC to capture movies in high-quality DV format.
Movies are captured with full-screen NTSC resolution at 30 frames per
second, and can be used instantly for frame-accurate editing. The DV
technology makes Formac studio dv/tv the ideal choice for creative
individuals, and for Education institutions.

Formac’s new software package comes with two applications, TiVeRon and
TiVeRon Scheduler. The TiVeRon application automatically scans and
identifies up to 125 channels, which users can watch in variable screen
sizes. The Scheduler application allows users to create individual
schedules for their favorite TV shows to record them at any given time and
date. Schedules can also be created on a remote computer, and sent via
network or internet to the host computer connected to the studio dv/tv.
This feature allows users to launch recordings from remote locations, such
as the office or while on vacation. To make the handling of the recording
archive more convenient, users can preview recordings in thumbnail size,
and access movie sequences instantly by scrolling the timeline bar.

In developing the TiVeRon software, Formac also listened to feedback from
existing studio dv/tv customers. Users can now infinitely vary the opacity
of the TV display frame until it is eliminated. The TV picture can
therefore be integrated seamlessly into the desktop environment. Formac
also added one more option to the display size: in addition to quarter,
half and full-size, the display window can now also be shown in original DV
size (720 x 480). The TV modus feature now switches automatically to best
resolution for full-screen playback. Allowing studio owners a more
individual and flexible use of its capabilities, the new TiVeRon software
is Apple scriptable. Users can add personal functionality with their own
scripts and routines.

Pricing and Availability
Formac’s TiVeRon software is shipped immediately with all studio dv/tv. The
media converter sells for US$ 399, and is available through Formac
Certified Resellers and Shop Formac ( The software is
available as a free download to existing customers from Formac’s website.

About Formac Electronic Inc.
Formac is a leading provider of performance enhancing peripherals and
advanced display solutions for the creative professional, working in the
multimedia, desktop publishing or digital imaging environment. The company
offers an award-winning line of products in the areas of video capture,
storage and display technology, for Macintosh and PC computers. Founded
1987 in Berlin, Germany, Formac has plants in the UK, France and the US.
The headquarter for US and Canada is located in Berkeley, California. For
more information visit Formac at

Formac Electronic Inc.
1510 6th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
T +1 510.528.9300
F +1 510.528.9014

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