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NavBar Builder 1.6

REALmac Software releases NavBar Builder 21st August 2002 — REALmac
software is proud to introduce “NavBar Builder 1.6” for Mac OS X and Mac OS
9 NavBar Builder is the easiest way to create a whole web site complete
with javaScript rollover navigation bars. NavBar Builder will allow you to
build web sites faster than ever before.

Select the style of the navigation bar, how many tabs you want and what you
want on them, then save it. You now have a great looking web site ready to
put your own content into.

Why waste time and money with other expensive design and web development
applications when NavBar Builder can create a fully functional web site in

Feature highlights – Over 60 different navigation bars. – Webpage creation
with navigation buttons. – Auto generates 2 state JavaScript Rollovers (up
& over). – Full control of text including colour and drop shadow. – Plug-in
System that allow you to add your own custom buttons.

What’s new in version 1.6
– Added new theme commands under the edit menu.
– You can now change theme via keyboard shortcuts.
– Updated & fixed Java-script error on Internet Explorer 6 for PC.
– Java-script code no longer clashes with Button Builder extreme code.
– Updated HTML output making it easier to read.
– Mac OS X 10.2 Compatible – Modify Items dialog updated.
– Minor bug fixes.
– Updated Documentation.

Download You can download NavBar Builder from the link below:

Screenshots Click the link below to see NavBar Builder in action. Note: You
may use these screenshots in magazines and websites.

Purchase This version of NavBar Builder has a price of $15 USD (shareware
registration fee). It is a FREE update to registered users. You can
purchase your copy online now from:

Contact information Daniel Counsell World Wide Web

About REALmac Software REALmac Software is a creative software company
based in Brighton, England, concentrating on creating quality software for
the Macintosh.

REALmac Software distributes its products under the shareware principles:
try before you buy and minimal or no marketing costs. As a result our
software costs a fraction of the price of most other commercial software.

REALmac Software was founded in 1999 by Daniel Counsell. You can contact
him at (

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