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Haxial RemoteAdminTool 1.0: Remotely Admin Your Mac

Haxial RemoteAdminTool 1.000

Haxial is pleased to announce the release of it’s new product, Haxial
RemoteAdminTool (RAT).

RAT allows you to remotely control a computer. It is particularly useful
for a computer that is being used as a server because you can administer
your server even if you are not physically located in front of it. You can
do the following tasks remotely over the Internet:

* See a list of the processes running on the remote computer.
* Exit/Terminate/Restart processes.
* Launch programs.
* View the display of the remote computer.
* See how much free space there is on each hard disk.
* Empty the trash / recycle bin.
* Restart/shutdown the computer.
* View how long the server has been running (uptime).

RAT uses encryption to protect your communications. It is also
cross-platform, meaning that you can use a Mac to control a Windows
computer, or vice-versa.

The product page for RAT is:

Haxial TextEdit 1.100
Haxial has released an update to its text file editor. Haxial TextEdit is
a simple, fast and free text editor that edits plain text files. It can
edit text files in Mac, DOS/Windows, and Unix formats. It also includes a
Find/Replace function.

The changes in the update include a new “Count” command to count
characters/words/returns in the document and selection, or the number of
occurrences of a piece of text that you enter; a menu to show the path to
the file or to open parent folders; some font improvements; new color
schemes; and some bug fixes.

The product page for TextEdit is:

About Haxial

Haxial Software Ltd is a company founded with the goal of producing quality
software for Mac and Windows that is effective and powerful while still
being easy to use. Haxial’s website is:
Haxial’s products include:

* Haxial NetFone
Literally talk to other people using your computer and the internet.

* Haxial DiskCatalog
Find your files very quickly using Haxial DiskCatalog.

* Haxial WorldClock
See the local time in countries around the world, as well as other features.

* Haxial TextEdit
Edit plain text files with this simple, fast, and free text editor.

* Haxial KDX
BBS-style encrypted internet communications and file transfer system.

* Haxial RemoteAdminTool
Remotely administer or control a computer.

All of Haxial’s products run in MacOS 9, MacOS X, and MS Windows

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