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Mac OS X Bootable ABSplus Now Available

Mac OS X Bootable ABSplus Now Available

— New Mac OS X-Bootable Automatic Backup System Provides Easy Backup and
Elegant Disaster Recovery in an Instant —

COSTA MESA, Calif. (August 12, 2002) – CMS Peripherals(R) today announced
the new ABSplus previewed at Macworld Expo in New York is available
immediately, starting at $299, from all major distributors, Apple
resellers, corporate resellers and directly from CMS at
( The new, easy-to-use ABSplus is the first
ever backup solution and restoration/recovery system for Mac(R) OS X with
complete system bootability.

“Even if you don’t know a gigabyte from a horse bite, the CMS ABSplus is so
easy to set up and use, even your grandmother could do it,” explained Bob
“Dr. Mac” LeVitus. “And once it’s up and running, she doesn’t have to do a
thing — the intelligent hardware and software do the work for her.”

“The ability to boot into Mac OS X from an ABSplus backup opens up a wealth
of possibilities, including recovering from any kind of disaster
instantly,” said Ken Burke, president of CMS Peripherals. “Since files are
archived in native file format you can access your entire system
immediately. The new svelte design compliments the ease of use for which
ABSplus is known, and the shock mounting can withstand even the most rugged
travel conditions.”

The new ABSplus provides a native file format backup allowing the user to
boot straight into an exact copy of their system on Mac OS X by simply
plugging their ABSplus unit into the FireWire port, holding down the option
key and starting the machine.

ABSplus Makes Backup Easy
The patent-pending ABSplus software makes the backup process hassle-free by
automatically launching a backup when the drive is plugged in. Initial
software setup is a quick install with a settings choice of “express” for
all standard options, or “advanced” for custom settings. Several options
have been integrated for fast, easy recovery from disasters as small as a
single corrupt file or as large as a complete hard drive failure.

The award-winning FireWire ABSplus can also be used as additional storage
with enough high-speed throughput for streaming audio and video files.
Designed to defy extreme travel conditions, this ABSplus is newly
redesigned with shock mounting for unprecedented durability and able to
withstand a non-operating shock of more than 1000Gs.

Pricing and Availability
The pocket-sized ABSplus is available for the Macintosh in capacities of
20GB, 30GB, 40GB and 60GB at a starting price of $299. The ABSplus for
Desktops is currently available for the Macintosh in capacities of 40GB,
60GB, 80GB, 120GB and 160GB at a starting price of $299.

About CMS Products
With more than four million CMS storage solutions installed in over 90
countries, the complete line of CMS mass storage products include automatic
backup solutions for both notebooks and desktops, notebook hard drive
upgrades and data transfer kits, and high capacity desktop hard drives. For
more information, contact CMS Peripherals, Inc., 3095 Redhill Avenue, Costa
Mesa, CA 92626, Phone: (800) 327-5773 / (714) 424-5520, Fax: (714) 435-9504
or visit CMS’ website at

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