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SQLBoss Layouter VIP Preview Available

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Subject: SQLBoss Layouter VIP Preview 2 now available for download
Date: Fre, 9. Aug 2002

August 7th, 2002 — A new release of SQLBoss Developer is now available for
download. All registered users can test SQLBoss Layouter free of charge for
over a month.

SQLBoss Layouter is the ultimate program for professionals and novices
alike. SQLBoss Layouter is an easy to use database front end builder. It is
available for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and little later for Windows.

You can extend the functionality of SQLBoss with several different database
and file format plugins. SQLBoss Layouter lets you maintain your database
data and retrieve data without typing a single line of SQL. The ease of use
lets you quickly create front ends for more than 10 different databases.
You can compile your work and distribute it to your clients. This
application is good even for novices, as it is easy to use and does not
necessary require any database know how.

Professionals will appreciate the power of the SQLBoss Basic Scripting
Language and the local database joining features, which give them the power
to build industry-strength database-driven office and web-solutions. Of
course you can use all the SQL you are used to from your database.


+ Design layouts, assign queries and save them for future use

+ Use any of the 10 available databases

+ Compile layouts and distribute your designs to your clients

+ Fully object oriented

+ Event Builder

+ No SQL language know how needed

+ Drag and Drop fields, buttons, pictures, lists, etc to your layout and
configure them as you like

+ Create up to 10 DataControls for any of the available databases

+ Query Builder for easy query design

+ Local Join Builder

+ Manipulate object properties

+ Manipulate object events

+ Query Recorder and lots more…..Additional professional features:

+ Use all SQL your database understands

+ Make use of SQLBoss Basic Script Language for calculation with fields and
other objects

+ Create up to 10 joins to up to 10 databases and tables. DATABASE VENDOR

+ Assign functions and scripts to events If you are new to SQLBoss, please
register and download the free fully featured preview.More information at Software in the Members Area at the queue: SQLBoss Developer 2.0 will go
public in the 4th quarter offering a wealth of new features. Some of them

+ Seamless integration with SQLBoss Layouter

+ Export dynamically generated layouts to SQLBoss Layouter

+ Speed improvements under Mac OS X

+ Database and user administration

+ Improved import and export functionalities

+ New XML features and lots more….

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