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ArcaneWare Releases TypeJet 1.0: Viewing Fonts with Ease


AUGUST 07 02 — ArcaneWare, where they are dedicated to creating quality
software for the Mac, releases a new product for the Macintosh which is for
viewing fonts with ease, TypeJet.

TypeJet is ArcaneWare’s superior and fast font viewing utility, built to
improve your creativity. Find the perfect font for your logo or project in
minutes, rather than scrolling through menus multiple times to view every
one of your fonts. TypeJet provides you with many of extensive features to
find that perfect font. One of those features being multiple font sets, to
put your favorite fonts into different groups, or to take aside the fonts
you used for a certain project. Not only are there the manually made font
sets, but there are also “Smart Font Sets”. You can program one of these
font sets in seconds, and get great results. For example, you can make a
smart font set display all and only Helvetica’s, without having to manually
add each one. With smart font sets, add a new font to the system which
applies to the smart font set and it will instantly update that set. And
here’s yet another way to find your fonts: TypeJet has a live search
feature, which gives you instant results! No more scrolling to find Skia.
Better yet, if you are all together tired of scrolling, use TypeJet’s
slideshow! Set a timer interval in the preferences and hit “Start
Slideshow”. And for getting your maximum out of the application, go into
full screen mode. Preview every font in any style you wish to use. TypeJet
is the easiest and fastest way to view fonts.

TypeJet 1.0 is fully compatible with the Mac OS X and the classic Mac OS.
TypeJet is shareware. You can try it for free at free at, but if you use it daily,
registration is recommended. Future versions below 2.0 will be free updates
to current TypeJet users, but for new users the full version can be
purchased for only $11.00. After registering, the nag dialog no longer
appears and you’ll be able to get to work even faster.

Like to try more of ArcaneWare’s products? Visit us at

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