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CFPlugin: CoreFoundation classes for REALbasic

July 17, 2002

CFPlugin is officially released. It wraps up most of the CoreFoundation
classes into one easy-to-use REALbasic plugin, along with providing access
to the Property List services for creating and parsing .plist files.

CFPlugin provides the following classes:


It also provides the class CFObject, which does not correspond to any
toolbox CoreFoundation class but is used as the superclass.

CFPlugin provides easy access to making and parsing .plists with the
following functions:


And along with all these great features, CFPlugin is also free. However, in
lieu of payment there is an optional PayPal donation button on my website,
in case you feel like donating some money to me to encourage me to continue
making more plugins and programs.

Not only is CFPlugin now available, but my website has been completely
redesigned in honor of it.

Come visit my website at:

Or if you want a direct download link for CFPlugin, try here:

Note: CFPlugin is Carbon only.

Kevin Ballard
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