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Bad Cookie! 1.1.1

Monday, August 5th, 2002
Bains Software
Press Release

Bains Software has released a maintenance update for it’s popular cookie
management software: Bad Cookie!

Bad Cookie! is a shareware cookie manager supporting Netscape, Mozilla,
Chimera, Internet Explorer, and OmniWeb. The application runs on all systems
from MacOS 8.5 on up to MacOS X. Users can use the application on an
unrestricted basis for 30 trial uses, after which they must make a small $10

* Unlimited number of profiles
* Automatically scan for new cookies
* Automatically quit if no new cookies are found
* Inspect the details of a cookie: domain, path, date discovered, expiration
* Delete cookies
* Edit a cookie’s content

This version, 1.1.1, fixes many small bugs reported by users, adds Chimera
support, tweaks the interface, and includes updated contact information. We
definitely suggest users download this update, especially if they’ve been
experiencing any problems.


Direct Download:


MacOS 8/9 Only:

Navdeep Bains
Bains Software

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