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eSuite4X 2.1 – Web Developer’s Edition

eSuite4X 2.1 – Web Developer’s Edition

Everything you need to start developing database driven web sites within 10
Using the eSuite4X graphical interface it has never been easier to set up a
local web server with access to your own database server.

Includes a local web server with all the features commercial scale
production servers and most ISP’s offer:

* Apache 2
* PHP 4.2
* WebDAV
* MySQL 3.23

The eSuite4X 2.1 – Web Developer’s Edition features:
* Graphical interfaces for easy setup and administration
* Manage MySQL databases, tables and users with our sophisticated GUI
* Publish your finished site to your production environment or web hosting
provider with a couple of clicks
* Make backups of your production database to your local system with our
easy to use Import GUI.

Scenario 1
This is the ideal solution if you want to test your development before
going online – you can even work with a team of developers creating your
web site. The integrated GUI allows you to easily manage the team members
and access privileges.

Scenario 2
You are a web site developer and want to work on the road with your
powerbook or present the results at your customers location? You are ready
to go within less than 10 minutes! The integrated GUI manages copies of
your web site and includes all the features most commercial web hosting
providers offer.

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