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Apple Launches .Mac

Apple Launches .Mac

Internet Services Suite Extends Users’ Digital Life Beyond the Desktop

MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK-July 17, 2002-Apple=AE today launched .Mac, a new
suite of Internet services and software that provides Mac=AE users with
powerful tools for their life on the Internet. .Mac features email service
with IMAP, POP or web-based access; 100MB of Internet storage seamlessly
integrated with the Mac=AE OS X Finder=81; and always-on hosting for
personalized homepages and digital photo albums that can be shared with
anyone on the Internet.

“.Mac does what others have tried and failed to do-make Internet Services a
seamless extension of your computer,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “It has
never been easier to store, publish, share or communicate on the Internet.”

=2EMac introduces the ability to share calendars from Apple’s innovative iCa=
software with colleagues, friends and family members. To protect users’
personal information, .Mac includes McAfee’s Virex antivirus software with
online updating, and Backup, Apple’s easy-to-use solution for backing up
important data to CDs, DVDs and even automatically to Apple’s iDisk
Internet servers.

Available immediately, .Mac’s powerful set of sharing, protection and
communication tools include:

* email, a robust email service that includes 15MB of
IMAP/POP mail storage, secure access to mail, virus protection and a brand
new web-based interface;
* iDisk, 100MB of Internet storage that is built into the Mac OS X
Finder and also accessible from Windows or Linux machines;
* HomePage, Apple’s easy-to-use web site creation tool that allows
users to publish an elegant web site in minutes;
* McAfee’s award-winning Virex anti-virus software to help users
minimize the risk of viruses; and
* Backup, a personal back-up solution that allows users to archive
data to their iDisk, CD or DVD.

With the availability of Mac OS X version 10.2 “Jaguar,” the next major
release of Mac OS X, .Mac Members will also be able to take advantage of: *
Apple’s new iCal calendar sharing application, that allows users to publish
and automatically update family or group calendars to the web so group
members can all keep track of upcoming events and activities; and * Mac
Slides, a new service that lets users turn sets of photos into dynamic
screen savers that can be accessed by other “Jaguar” users; when the owner
makes changes to the set of photos, everyone’s screen saver is
automatically refreshed with the new images.

Pricing and Availability
=2EMac is available immediately as a subscription-based service for $99.95
(US) per year. Existing iTools accounts will be transitioned to .Mac
accounts during a free trial period ending September 30, 2002. iTools
members as of midnight, July 16, who sign up for .Mac before September 30,
will receive a special introductory offer of $49.95 (US) for the first
year. New Macintosh=AE customers can sign up for a free, 60-day .Mac trial
from .Mac will be available through the Apple Store=AE
(, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

=2EMac requires Mac OS X v10.1.3 or later; 128MB SDRAM; internal CD-RW or
DVD-R drive (to create CD or DVD backups); Netscape 4.7 or Microsoft
Internet Explorer 5 or later. iCal requires Mac OS X v10.2. The Virex
anti-virus software, email, iDisk, HomePage and iCards features of
=2EMac can also be accessed using Mac OS 9.

Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple
II and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh.
Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to
students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world
through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

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