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FileMaker ships FileMaker 6

FileMaker, Inc. today unveiled the newest version of its database software, FileMaker 6. Version 6 boasts a number of new features, including integrated XML import and export, multimedia and digital image import, new and updated templates, a global find and replace feature, and more. FileMaker 6 and FileMaker 6 Unlimited are available now for US$299 ($149 upgrade) and $999 ($499 upgrade), respectively. FileMaker 6 Developer will ship in September for $499. FileMaker 6 solutions are compatible with FileMaker Server 5 and 5.5. In addition, FileMaker launched FileMaker XML, a site that features 40 XSLT stylesheets; developers are encouraged to download and contribute their own. The company also announced a new Professional Training Foundation Series.

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