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LogotypeMaker Pro by Blue Line Studios–Beta testers wanted

[For immediate release]
June 21, 2002–Blue Line Studios is looking for beta testers for their
updated Mac application “LogotypeMaker Pro”.

LogotypeMaker’s main function is the typesetting of a text string using all
the user’s activated fonts. The purpose is to help graphics professionals
choosing an appropriate typeface when creating a logotype.

Version 4 is a major overhaul. New features include the loading of fonts
not activated by the system, a functionality that has been demanded quite
often. The font list filters are also greatly improved.

If you would like to beta-test their new app, contact Blue Line Studios by
email ( Due to time
constraints, only messages with this subject can be considered.

Product homepage:
Download and registering:
Overview of features:
Press info:

Daniel C. Kueng

Fuerstensteinerst 47
CH-4053 Basel

Phone: ++41 61 331 2822
Fax: ++41 61 331 2822

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