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Web Crossing Announces Campus Crossing 2.0


— Now with Progress Tracker for Attendance, Grades and Parent Notification
of Upcoming Assignments or Results —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 19, 2002 — Web Crossing, Inc., provider of the
world’s leading communications software for online collaboration and
community, today announced a major upgrade to its discussion-centric
education system, Campus Crossing 2.0, now with an integrated Progress
Tracking module for attendance, grades and parent notification. Campus
Crossing 2.0 is available today as a free upgrade to all registered Campus
Crossing 1.x users. For a complete list of Campus Crossing enhancements and
new features, including Progress Tracker, or to download Campus Crossing
2.0, see (

“Whether used for an online corporate training program or alongside a
traditional school setting, Campus Crossing is a robust solution for
education,” said Tim Lundeen, president and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc. “The
complete integration of features, including the new Progress Tracker
functionality in version 2.0, makes Campus Crossing more versatile than
ever. What parent wouldn’t want to know of upcoming assignments directly
from the school?”

“Campus Crossing provides a robust, reliable and customized solution for
providing online learning opportunities with a traditional learning
environment,” explained Glenn Nowosad, director of technology at Lakeland
Catholic Schools. “Campus Crossing gives us the medium to continually
communicate with staff, parents and students through the use of this
web-based technology.”

“In my experience, Campus Crossing is probably the best stepping stone any
teaching organization can take into the realm of e-learning,” said Peter
Moodie, learning systems manager at The University of Waikato. “It is a
fully functional Learning Management System (LMS) with the added bonus of
having a full web-based email system built into it. Best of all, it is
built on the Web Crossing engine which means it is ideal for supporting
collaborative e-learning. Once an organization is comfortable with the
facilities available through Campus Crossing they can then begin to harness
the full potential of the customizable and fully programmable Web Crossing

Tracking Progress Easily Integrated
Now version 2.0 Campus Crossing includes the new Progress Tracker
integrated grade book, attendance roster and notification system. All
features in Campus Crossing are easily adapted to the corporate training

Campus Crossing’s Progress Tracker is integrated with the Course Builder
module for deadline setting, homework monitoring, assignment evaluation and
grading, and exam grades. Parents /guardians can now receive notification
of upcoming course exercises and deadlines, or results of exam grades and
project evaluations. Students can, with a single click, automatically
create discussion areas for posting assignments linked to exercises.

Progress Tracker also monitors attendance and reports a student’s
attendance record to parents/guardians. Progress Tracker even includes a
special secure link for parents to monitor the progress and attendance of
their registered students on demand. Campus Crossing’s Examiner module has
been updated to provide more robust statistical analysis and integration
with the new Grade Book feature in Progress Tracker. The Live Events module
allows faculty and hosts to add or delete live events facilities
automatically within each course/folder.

Pricing and Availability
Campus Crossing 2.0 is available today licensed either on a per-seat or
traffic basis. Campus Crossing is also available to test drive for 30-days
risk free with a 1T Evaluation license. For details on all licenses,
including pageview equivalents for email, NNTP, and chat messages, see

Campus Crossing is available as a server hosted (ASP) solution for optimal
uptime, starting at $65/month with an add-on option for SSL. Customization
and Community Management Consulting is available for all Web Crossing
licensed and server hosted installations. Priority support is available on
an annual subscription basis.

Campus Crossing’s Underlying Web Crossing Software Campus Crossing is a Web
Crossing-based collaboration and communication solution optimized for
education, training and e-learning. Campus Crossing sites contain all of
the standard Web Crossing features, plus a Course Builder module, Examiner
module, Live Classroom event capabilities and now the Progress Tracking
module. Its Web Crossing foundation features threaded or linear
discussions, integrated newsgroups and mailing lists, full email services,
secure communications via SSL, personal calendar, real-time chat and live
event functionality, all highly extensible with powerful web application
programming capabilities.

About Web Crossing, Inc.
Web Crossing, Inc. is the Internet’s virtual-communities powerhouse,
committed to providing high-quality software and related services at a fair
price. Web Crossing software is scalable, customizable and highly
extensible to address the needs of virtual communities and collaborative
groups. Privately held, Web Crossing, Inc. runs its own business using Web
Crossing to work with its customers and employees across the world.
Award-winning Web Crossing software serves millions of pages per day at
thousands of sites, including well-known, high traffic sites as,
The NY Times, Apple and Autodesk. Further information on Web Crossing
software and Web Crossing, Inc. may be obtained by calling toll-free (866)
725-0030, accessing Web Crossing’s Web site at
(, or sending email to

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