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IPNetTunerX 1.0 Released for Mac OS X Internet Connections


Contact: Michael E. Diegel
(703) 864-0822

IPNetTunerX 1.0 Released for Mac OS X Internet Connections

CUMBERLAND, R.I.- Sustainable Softworks has released version 1.0 of
IPNetTunerX, a made-for-Mac OS X version of its easy-to-use software for
Internet connection optimization.

IPNetTunerX is capable of increasing the performance of many types of
Internet connection by as much as 20 percent or more by tuning internal BSD
networking parameters to match a user’s network environment. IPNetTunerX
supports over 20 adjustable parameters including the TCP Window Size, Time
Out intervals, Maximum Segment Size, and MTU.

A user can save his or her settings in an IPNetTunerX settings documents
and invoke them each time at login by adding the corresponding document to
the login items list. In addition, the company has included ready-to-use
configuration documents that automatically optimize the performance of most
common types of Internet connections.

IPNetTunerX now includes a Link Rate tool and TCP Rate test tools. The Link
Rate tool measures the underlying data link to calculate the optimum TCP
Window size or buffer space. The TCP Rate tool offers performance graphing,
so when a change is made to any setting with IPNetTunerX, the results of
such changes are immediately displayed during an ongoing test.

A Link Rate test is a raw packet stream test that tells a user how fast raw
IP data can be transferred over the connection. Users can now test a
connection’s Link Rate to make sure that they are getting the raw bandwidth
promised by their ISP.

A TCP Test is a real-world test of the speed and reliability of a normal
web type Internet connection. The TCP Test in IPNetTunerX uses the HTTP
protocol to download a specified web page numerous times to determine the
TCP throughput in bytes/sec and reveal any network inefficiency. By
tweaking various TCP parameters, a user can markedly improve the
performance of their web and FTP downloads. These improvements are also
immediately displayed in the real-time IPNetTunerX TCP test graph.

“Tuning TCP/IP can be a vast and complex subject, but it’s not necessary to
understand it all to to resolve compatibility issues and improve
performance. In most cases, a few simple adjustments and using the included
tools to check the results is sufficient to verify TCP is operating
efficiently” said Peter Sichel, chief engineer for Sustainable Softworks.
“With these two tests, users can tweak one or more variables at a time and
then immediately test to see what affect the tweaking of a particular
parameter has on their connection.”

The software provides full, on-the-fly access to BSD networking tuneable
parameters and does not modify any networking files, Sichel added. For that
reason, users can experiment with confidence knowing that the software
easily restores the factory default settings.

The software comes with pre-configured documents that will automatically
tune for a dial-up, cable, DSL or ADSL modem. A user simply double-clicks
on the appropriate icon to launch IPNetTunerX, which will then configure
the parameters properly.

IPNetTunerX is $30 and can be downloaded at The upgrade is $15 to
registered users of earlier versions of IPNetTuner.

About Sustainable Softworks:
Sustainable Softworks is a small, growing virtual corporation based in
Cumberland, R.I., with employees in Michigan and suburban Washington, D.C.
The privately owned company is committed to helping individuals and small
organizations address their computing needs in a market dominated by larger
and more sophisticated customers and suppliers. The company focuses on
developing understandable and affordable information systems that fit the
environment. Rapid innovation and falling prices have not only created a
complex myriad of choices, but have also led vendors to focus on
incorporating advanced features for enterprise customers who can afford
them. Vendors want to sell and support the most sophisticated technology,
and the market is easily influenced to follow the leaders. What’s lost in
this process is a broad market perspective, and rational evaluation of what
is needed and what it will really cost. Sustainable Softworks offers a
mature, insightful view of information systems with an eye toward pragmatic
solutions for both large and small organizations. The company’s website can
be found at

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