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Monkeybread Releases version 2.5 of REALbasic Plug-in Collection


Monkeybread Software Germany releases version 2.5 of their REALbasic
Plug-in Collection.

This plug-in adds around 940 functions, methods, and classes to REALbasic.
Grown over the last two years this plug-in provides these main features:

* File Downloads using Quicktime.
* Colormatching crossplatform or using Colorsync on Mac OS.
* Mouting Apple Share Volumes.
* Easy Alias handling.
* Usefull classes for Menu changes, Standardalert, File Permission.
* HTML Viewer Control
* Base 64 encode and decode
* Useful functions such as Screenshot, Networkavailable
* Streams for files bigger than 2 GB, Resourcefork and a stream in RAM.
* Endian Functions and Endian methods for the memoryblock class.
* Compression and Decompression of data and pictures including JPEG, PNG
and TIFF files without the need of QuickTime.
* VideoForWindows class to play movies on Windows 95 and newer without
* Filemapping
* Resolution changing from REALbasic including fading.
* Monitoring of Events inside your application.
* Access to special folders.
* Serial Port with up to 230 kBit/s.
* CRC calculation
* Several Hardware Information functions and access to the Name
Registry. (including drive serial number for hard disks)
* Extending REALbasic’s internal classes like Movie, Movieplayer,
Memoryblock, Picture and Application.
* A process class to list the running applications.
* Classes to access the Windows Registry for loading and storing
* Access to Windows’ Environment variables.
* Simulation of keyboard typing (presskey class).
* Creating and resolving aliases.
* SharedObjects on Windows to handle multiple launches of your
* Lots of small utility functions…

You can download the plugin archive at:

Help is included for use with Plugin Plunger, but you can still view the
help in HTML files which come with the plug-in or on our website.

The plugin is available on a shareware fee which is $80 for commercial use
and $40 for shareware, freeware and private use. You can test the plugins
for free within the REALbasic IDE. (Support or new versions of the plugin
in the next years after registration are offered for a low update price,
but you can continue to develop for years with the old plugin versions.)

Details on the 440 new functions:

* Added Folderitem.Volumeinformation and VolumeInformation class.
* Removed SIOUX stuff from plugins to make them smaller. (from 4.6 MB to
4.1 MB 🙂
* Added ResolveAlias and Folderitem.AsAlias.
* Added Window.IsIconic, Window.IsZoomed, Window.HasMaximizeBox and
Window.HasMinimizeBox for windows on Windows.
* Added PhysicalFileDataLength, LogicalFileDataLength,
PhysicalFileResLength, LogicalFileResLength, PhysicalFileTotalLength
and LogicalFileTotalLength functions to folderitem class.
* Added Networkavailable function.
* Added QuickTimePoll and Movie.Poll for better movie performance.
* Added Screenshot functions.
* Added Folderitem.AFPusername for Mac OS Classic
* Added Windows Support for LargeBinaryStream.
* Added RamStream and ResStream class, extended LargeBinaryStream Class.
* Added MouseMove in the presskey class for Classic. (Carbon worked
* Added classes for Apple File Sharing Client: AFPURL and AFPVolumes
* Added lot’s of Endian Functions. Also Endian methods for the
memoryblock class.
* Added HTMLViewer Control with pagerequest class.
* Renamed Window.Flush to Window.UpdateNow to match RB 4.5 names. The
function is not available from the plugin on RB 4.5 so you’ll use the
RB function and not the one from the plugin.
* Fixed bug in Resolution plugin which gave ResolutionCount=0 for all
* Added LibraryFolder, ColorSyncFolder, ColorSyncCMMFolder,
ColorSyncScriptingFolder, PrintersFolder, SpeechFolder,
CarbonLibraryFolder, DocumentationFolder, DeveloperDocsFolder,
DeveloperHelpFolder, CachedDataFolder, FrameworksFolder,
ClassicDesktopFolder, DeveloperFolder, SystemSoundsFolder,
ComponentsFolder, QuickTimeComponentsFolder, CoreServicesFolder,
KernelExtensionsFolder, InstallerReceiptsFolder,
FindByContentPluginsFolder and UsersFolder.
* Added Presskey.MouseClick.
* Added Window.InWindowMenu and Menubar.CreateStandardWindowMenu.
* Gamma Fading now works on Windows.
* Added CosH, SinH, TanH, ACosH, ASinH, ATanH, IsFinite and IsNAN.
* Added folderitem.comment and folderitem.colorcode.
* Added StandardAlert Class
* Added Menu and Menubar Class
* Added RegistryFileType Class
* Added Window.Smoothresize
* Added Delay.
* Added ShowCursor, HideCursor and ObscureCursor.
* Added FlashMenuBar.
* Added EncodeBase64 and DecodeBase64.
* Added App.TotalMemory, App.Freememory and App.LaunchTime.
* Added NewMemoryBlockFromPtr
* Added picture.makeHBITMAP
* Added picture.DataHandle and picture.DataType
* Added folderitem.OpenAsPNG
* Added folderitem.OpenAsTiff (works partly only)
* Added app.BundleFolder, app.BundleResourceFolder,
app.BundleResourceFolderItem, app.RegisterHelpBook and app.IsBundle.
* Added SetVolume and GetVolume.
* Added Folderitem.Permissions.
* Improved stability on Mac OS 8.6
* Added Window.modified, Windows.HasCloseBox,
Window.HasHorizontalZoomButton, Window.HasVerticalZoomButton,
Window.HasCollapseBox, Window.IsResizeable, Window.HasNoShadow,
Window.HasToolbarButton, Window.HasSideTitlebar, Window.CanLiveResize.
* Added HideAllFloatingWindows, ShowAllFloatingWindows and
* Added Window.RemoveWindowProxyIcon, Window.WindowProxyIconFile and
* Added classes for platform independend color matching: CMProfile,
CMBitmap, CMTransform and many utility functions.
* Improved speed on picture.invert for Windows.
* Added QTFileTransfer control.
* Fixed some memory leaks on Win32 functions with folderitems.

Christian Schmitz

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