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DigiTunnel 1.0 released! PPTP VPN client for Mac OS X

Gracion Software is very happy to announce that DigiTunnel 1.0 is
now available!


DigiTunnel solves a basic issue for Mac OS X-based home workers –
how to connect to the company-based VPN from their favorite OS.
DigiTunnel is a VPN client for Mac OS X designed specifically to
connect to Windows-based VPN servers using the PPTP protocol. It
provides a secure, 128-bit encrypted tunnel for IP-based applications
such as file-sharing, email, and database access. Classic applications
running in OS X can also use the VPN.

DigiTunnel costs $88 for one user. Multiple-user and education
pricing is shown on our web order forms. DigiTunnel installs as a
30-day full-feature evaluation. For compatibility chart, system
requirements (requires 10.1), and complete setup information, see the
online User Guide linked from the DigiTunnel web page.

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** DigiTunnel 1.0 VPN client for OS X is here!    

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