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UnCoverIt 1.4


UnCoverIt 1.4 released

GERMANY, 13 June 2002 – Shareware author Ilja A. Iwas today released
UnCoverIt 1.4, an update to his popular label creating software for the
Macintosh. The update is free to registered owners of UnCoverIt 1.3.
UnCoverIt 1.4 was preceeded by eleven public beta versions.


Using UnCoverIt 1.4, users can now completly customize cover layouts and
save them as templates for later use. A new Cover Assistant guides novice
UnCoverIt user throught the process of creating new covers. Audio covers
can be created from iTunes playlists and AIFF files, too. UnCoverIt now
runs Mac OS 8.6 and up, including Mac OS X, using Apples Carbon technology.
UnCoverIt 1.3.3 will remain available for users with older versions of the
Mac OS.


UnCoverIt is a shareware application that automatically generates labels
for different kinds of storage medias.

Unlike other label printing applications you don’t have to enter the name
of the files on your disk manually. UnCoverIt scans your disk and places
icons and file names at the right place and the right size automatically.

UnCoverIt can create covers for either data volumes or Audio CDs.

UnCoverIt comes with cover layouts for the following storage medias:
-Iomega ZIP
-Iomega JAZ
-Iomation SuperDisk
-ORB drives

Audio CD covers can be made from a folder of MP3 or AIFF files, a track
list thats saved in your Macintoshs “CD Remote Programs” file, an AudioCD
inside your Macintoshs CD-ROM drive or iTunes playlist file.


UnCoverIt is available in three different license forms:

Single User License: $10
Site License: $50
World Wide License: $500

Licenses for UnCoverIt can by purchased online at:


UnCoverIt is a shareware product. It can be included
free of charge on shareware CD-ROMs and in computer magazines.

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Ilja A. Iwas

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