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Thursby Software Announces Volume License Agreements for DAVE

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Arlington, Texas: Thursby Software Announces Volume License Agreements for DAVE

Thursby Software Systems recently announced the availability of Volume
License Agreements (VLA) for their popular DAVE file and print share

Network administrators will find themselves spending less time setting up
and maintaining systems to track software license codes. The use of one
code can simplify the process of updating systems when changes to the
software occur.

“The days of administering hundreds of DAVE license codes are over,” said
Thursby Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Warren Witt. “In response to
requests from our customers, we now offer VLAs for clients with one hundred
(100) or more users. This means a single license code can track all your
DAVE users.”

Participation in a Volume License Agreement requires that the customer be
under an Annual Update Agreement and have a minimum of one hundred (100)
users. The VLA program can substantially reduce the cost per user depending
on the total number of users. For more information on the program call
sales at Thursby, 817-478-5070.

Thursby Software Systems has been developing, supporting and marketing a
wide variety of file share and print share software solutions since 1986.
Thursby products include DAVE, MacSOHO, TSStalk and MacNFS. For additional
information contact Randy Phillips at 817-478-5070,

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