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Mandomartis releases new software for creating Flash effects

Mandomartis releases new software for creating Flash effects

Stockholm, Sweden, June 10, 2002 – Mandomartis Company, Java and Flash
developer, today announced the release of a new type of software: Advanced
Effect Maker.

The software is an online tool for creating Flash applets which does not
require any knowledge of Macromedia Flash. These applets are not based on
Java, but on Macromedia Flash 5.0. Any users with basic web design
knowledge can easily adapt them for their home pages and currently may
choose from 23 customizable web effects.

The users may select from the following kinds of applets: slide shows,
scrollers, tree navigation menus, text effects and page counters. They
upload their images and fonts into their personal folders on the server,
which is the workspace for the applet creation software.

With a commercial account, the user will have access to all the effects.
The price for a commercial 3 month registration is $29 USD (31 EURO) and
for an annual commercial account, it is $59 USD (63 EURO). Users may also
register for a freeware account, in which they have access to a restricted
number of Flash applets.

Mandomartis is a software company located in Stockholm, Sweden. The company
has developed and distributed web effects and games based on Java and Flash
since it was founded in 1999. For more information, please visit and

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