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MacHack 2002: CmdrTaco to Speak at MacHack

MacHack 2002: CmdrTaco to Speak at MacHack

MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers

Contact: Carol Lynn
c/o Expotech
1264 Bedford Road
Grosse Point Park, MI 48230

May 28, 2002-Dearborn, MI-MacHack, The Annual Conference for Leading Edge
Developers, has become famous for various reasons. The MacHax Group hosted
Best Hack contest is one, but the outstanding lineup of conference speakers
is another.

This year, Rob Malda, the infamous CmdrTaco, best known for his work
founding Slashdot the nearly ubiquitous website of “news for nerds” will
join MacHack 2002. In this rare public appearance, he’ll join MacHack’s
crowd of developers for a lively discussion that will range from his
adventures building the online community that Slashdot has become to open
source issues and where ever else the freeform gathering might lead.

Malda’s achievements have spanned a variety of fields from computer
programming to nuclear physics. He was instrumental in the founding of Perl
Monks , a site dedicated to solving problems with the easily obfuscated
language. His development experience is broad including having made the
journey from 8-bit computing to modern multithreaded operating systems.
Like many in the industry, he is relatively young, but his adventures have
been many and varied.

MacHack has become famous for far reaching and challenging speakers and
Malda’s will be no different. There is no agenda, no set plan, just Malda
and the audience. This format has worked so well in the past that speakers
such as Eric S. Raymond, open source advocate, has remained a hot topic of
conversation among attendees two years after the fact.

Conference registration costs $525 and includes access to all conference
events, 3 meals and the conference banquet. Of course, attendance of the
legendary Hack Show is mandatory. Secure registration and more information
are available at the conference website. MacHack 17 will take place June
20-22, 2002, in Dearborn, Michigan.

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