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Griffin releases iMate drivers for Mac OS X and OS 9

Griffin releases iMate Software 1.5 for Mac OS X and 2.7 for OS 9

Nashville, TN – May 24, 2002. Today Griffin Technology, Inc. releases iMate
Software versions 1.5 for Mac OS X as well as iMate software version 2.7
for OS 9. With this combination of software updates, Griffin’s iMate
USB-to-ADB Adapter will allow ADB based security dongles to function within
Classic mode on OS X. This includes the hardware protection dongle required
for International versions of QuarkXpress as well as hundreds of other
important software titles.

The iMate adaptor also now enables many ADB devices to function for the
first time in OS X. These include ADB devices like color calibrators that
use the “puck” ADB screen attachments. It also supports any other device
that communicates with an application including Lacie’s FM radio, ADB I/O,
Alphasmart portable writing tools, and many others. The new version does
not support input devices in Classic but these devices can still be used in
OS X with the iMate. However a few ADB input devices still do not have OS X
ADB driver support.

“The Griffin iMate ADB-to-USB Adapter protects our customers’ investment in
their hardware and software. It allows our customers to move forward with
wonderful new Apple hardware while preserving their investments in Apple’s
past,” says Andrew Green, VP Marketing of Griffin Technology.

Griffin customers are invited to download the new iMate software at

iMate – USB-to-ADB Adaptor – The
iMate allows users to easily connect any ADB peripheral to their PowerMac,
iMac, PowerBook or iBook. It allows you to continue to use your favorite
mice, keyboard, trackball, trackpad, hardware dongle or any other ADB
peripheral. The iMate supports multiple devices so you can connect your
mouse, keyboard, and other devices with a single iMate

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About Griffin Technology, Inc.
Since 1992, Griffin Technology has been an innovator of exciting hardware
and software products for the Mac & PC market. Griffin currently
manufactures numerous innovative USB, video, audio, serial, and ADB
adapters for the Mac. They also maintain the world’s largest database of
monitor specifications at

For Reseller, VAR, and OEM pricing, Griffin Technology, Inc. can be reached
at (615) 399-7000 or by fax at (615) 399-8041. For further information
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