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Parker Software Introduces ArcherPro – Multimedia Viewer for OS X

For Immediate Release
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Kendall, Florida, (May 22, 2002) — Parker Software Releases ArcherPro 1.0.0

Parker Software Development, Inc. today released ArcherPro 1.0.0. ArcherPro
is an easy-to-use multimedia viewer for OS X. ArcherPro lets you combine
still images, audio, and video files into the same slide show. ArcherPro
supports all the features of it free counterpart, Archer. However, unlike
Archer, ArcherPro lets you save and load your slide shows, export your
slide shows, as well as create squenced images, and more. ArcherPro is
fast, flexible and easy to use.

ArcherPro carries on the tradition of Archer’s single keystroke command
execution. This lets you run ArcherPro and perform most functions with a
single keystroke. Naturally, all the commands can be accessed via menus and
standard command key equivalents.

ArcherPro costs $29.95. Unregistered versions of ArcherPro have a 30 day
trial period.

ArcherPro can be downloaded from the Parker Software Development, Inc. web


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