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Griffin releases the ProSpeaker Breakout Cable and PowerMate

Griffin releases the ProSpeaker Breakout Cable and
PowerMate software Version 1.1 for Mac OS 9

Nashville, TN – May 9, 2002. Now your world-class Mac can use world-class
speakers. Griffin Technology proudly introduces the ProSpeaker-Breakout
Cable. This cable allows Mac owners to connect any set of home stereo
speakers directly to a PowerMac G4 or LCD iMac. The Mac itself powers the
speakers and no additional external amplifier is necessary. This lets you
listen to iTunes or movie soundtracks through traditional audiophile
quality speakers like Infinity, Boston Acoustics, B&W, JBL, etc. – and not
just through typical plastic “computer” speakers.

The ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable connects to Apple’s Pro Speaker Jack that is
available on the new LCD iMacs and all PowerMac G4’s over 500 MHz, commonly
referred to as the Digital Audio PowerMac G4. This is the same output that
Apple uses to connect their Apple Pro Speakers. The other side of the cable
contains a pair of spring loaded speaker connectors ready for connecting
with speaker wire directly to your speakers. The power comes directly from
the Mac – no additional hardware or software is necessary.

“What speakers you choose to connect to your Mac is now up to you. Pull out
that old pair of speakers you had with your home stereo, shop at your local
Hi-Fi store for a great pair of bookshelf speakers or use a second pair of
studio monitors. With Griffin’s ProSpeaker-Breakout Cable now the choice of
speakers is yours” says Paul Griffin, president of Griffin Technology.

For more information and to order now, please visit _

Also today, Griffin Technology announces the release of PowerMate Software
Version 1.1 for Mac OS 9. This software is free and available immediately
for download. Version 1.1 fixes numerous bugs and extends the usability of
the wildly popular PowerMate, audio & video programmable USB controller.

PowerMate Software Version 1.1 for OS 9 free download –

About Griffin Technology, Inc.
Since 1992, Griffin Technology has been an innovator of exciting hardware
and software products for the Mac & PC market. Griffin currently
manufactures numerous innovative USB, video, audio, serial, and ADB
adapters for the Mac. They also maintain the world’s largest database of
monitor specifications at

For Reseller, VAR, and OEM pricing, Griffin Technology, Inc. can be reached
at (615) 399-7000 or by fax at (615) 399-8041. For further information
check the Griffin web site at

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