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Classic’s Apple Menu 1.0.5 for Mac OS X

For immediate release.
Santa Cruz, California. April 25, 2002

MacSorcerer upgrades Classic’s Apple Menu for MacOS X


Classic’s Apple Menu brings the traditional Apple menu to the Dock of
the OS X operating system. Simple and efficient, it is a direct
bridge to all the utilities, desk accessories, favorites application
and recent documents otherwise not easily accessible from MacOS X.

Highlights of 1.0.5 release:

– Sleek interface. Only one menu is brought to the dock: the actual OS 9
(Classic) Apple menu.

– Power users can control the activation/deactivation of the Classic

– Carbon applications can be forced to launch under OS 9, while running OS 9.

This handy utility makes the transition to OS X a little less painful. You
are no longer looking for the items conveniently stored in that Apple menu,
which concept has been abandoned.

One can only be seduced by the attractive look and simplicity of this
unique utility. Pricing is just as attractive ($5 for lifetime use,
including upgrades), and download is free.

Visit ( for a comprehensive demo and
additional information.

Based in Santa Cruz County, California, MacSorcerer, brings countless years
of Apple Software Development to your desktop.

For more info, write to (

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