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SOAP Toolkit 1.0a1 for REALbasic

Mike Murry is pleased to announce the initial release of the SOAP Toolkit.
This set of custom classes allows a REALbasic developer to include a SOAP
client in their REALbasic projects. At this time only the client version is
included. Future versions will contain a class to construct a SOAP server.
Eventually, support for the complete SOAP specification will be implemented.

This version is based on the Busy Developers Guide for SOAP

SOAP Toolkit can be downloaded from (

This software and it’s source code is released under the GPL. You may use
the software or source code for any purpose as long as all code where a
major portion is derived from this code, is also released under the GPL.
The compiled code is free to use without guilt or persecution. If you would
like to contribute to Mike Murry’s programming career, however, you can
make a contribution to him through Kagi at:

Mike Murry

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